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Daydream Icons

the harmony which dreams alone can write

Icons by Lily of Shalott
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Daydream Icons

daydream_icons is officially Off Hiatus! ^_^

Made of moonlight, starlight, a handful of white rose petals, a dash of hope, a pinch of faith, the sparkle of moonbeams on snow, wishes, dreams, and bathed in fantasy . . .

Welcome to Daydream Icons, the icon journal of lilyofshalott. I mostly post icons here, but I do make desktop wallpapers from time to time. I'm always looking for affiliates--please see this post for more details, and if you'd like to affiliate, please comment. You can visit my affiliates listed near the bottom of the page as well. I do hope you enjoy my icons, and if you'd like to use any of them, please credit me. Any feedback or comments would be lovely as well! :D

John William Waterhouse is Pre-Raphaelite love.

Roses are symbolic of love.


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